This Webpage will keep you all up to date, where I am at this moment and where I will be heading.

Latest News May 15 2013

Hello Everyone.

Im sorry for keeping you guys on hold for such long time.

Here is what is happening: Both my shoulders are back in place working fine, same as my ankle and wrist. Only thing is I really spend a lot of time doing nothing and so I need to work on my muscles.

Mean while I have met a beautiful Woman, Xenya Trifonova.

We moved in together and last november for my birthday I got a Husky from Siberia where Xenya is from.

Currently all 3 of us are living in South of france in Theoule sur mer to be exact.

Our plans are as follows end of next summer we will move to Hawaii, Their we wanna stay for a year and hopefully pick up the journey again heading down to south america.

Meanwhile I am going to redesign the webpage and post some of our recent activities.


Welcome to the journey around the world
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